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Whether you're new to investing and want to get started, or are simply looking for new ways to get smarter about your money, these courses can help you.

Investing Academy by offers free courses for you to learn the basics of how investing works, how to manage your money, and how you can plan for the future by investing and saving for long term goals.

All courses are offered in English and French. Scroll below or check out our courses page to learn more.

What you'll learn

  • Investing

    Learn the basics of investing, including how the stock market works, risk and time horizon, the different types of investments, and working with an advisor.

  • Managing your money

    It's easier to invest when you're managing your money with confidence. This includes budgeting, saving, managing debt, and staying safe from fraud.

  • Planning for the future

    Learn more about saving and investing for long term goals like home ownership, your child's education, and retirement.

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